GTS Photo Digital Professional

GTS Photo Digital Professional

GTS Photo Digital - very useful when it comes to digital photography
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The GTS Photo Digital consists of a software package very useful when it comes to digital photography. With the tools available, you can do virtually everything necessary to the images, rename, compress, edit, apply effects, create special layouts and burn to CD or DVD.

GTS Photo Rename - This is a smart renamer, perfect for organizing your photos taken recently. You can perform in seconds, the user only need to specify which files you want to be processed and with which label, then the renaming is done automatically and can replace the original files or create a copy.

GTS-Zip Photo - with this utility, the user can not only compress the files to the popular ZIP format as well as resize the pictures or down a notch quality - something that may be useful according to the purpose. Extremely efficient.

GTS Photo Date - serves to add information, text, dates, notes and markings directly on the photos. You choose the position, font, color, and can also add transparency and background to the text.

GTS Photo Effects - here are available more than 30 effects and adjustable ready to create the most diverse perspectives in your photos: blur, sepia tone, black and white, mirror and diffusion are just a few. It becomes possible to correct the color and brightness by controlling the respective filters of each color layer. Using the "Set effect" you can combine multiple effects or intensify them.

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